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Dancin' at discos, eatin' cheese on toast

I won't regret 'cause you can grow flowers where dirt used to be...

4 March 1986
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"Drew Bozard, a contestant of many shades. He made his LJ Games debut in the sixth season of BBLJ. After he was evicted by the public by a large margin, Drew was scorned and knew in his heart of hearts that he could best his lackluster effort. This in turn inspired him to apply to the thirteenth season of Survivor LJ. He was casted, and finally made jury, after being voted out too soon once again. Drew's best friend in the gaming world is Desiree (sugarbb241), also a former housemate of BBLJ6."

(special thanks to Brad (evahastheflava) for the nice LJ Games bio!

Online Reality Gaming (ORG) History:
Fall/Winter 2001-02 - Open Diary Survivor 2, runner-up
Fall 2003 - Virtual Big Brother 1, winner
Fall 2006 - TRAPpED, 4th place
Spring 2008 - Big Brother Livejournal 6, 4th evicted
Spring-Summer 2008 - Survivor Livejournal 13: Cape Clear, 10th place (Juror #1)
Spring 2009 - Survivor 5 Boroughs, 4th place (Juror #8)

Big Brother Livejournal 8 & 9, eviction interview correspondent (aka Big Brother's Big Mouth)

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